Wire & Cable coding & marking application

For the coding requirements of the wire & cable industry, high-contrast inks can be selected according to the color of the cable to highlight the marked content White, black, red, yellow, white, green, orange are available, etc.


Application industries

Bare wires industry, electromagnetic wires industry, insulated wires industry, power cables industry, communication cables industry, optical cables industry etc.


Printing content

Marking of trademarks, characters, patterns, characters, icons, serial numbers, barcodes, and QR codes.

Application video

Recommended machine
High resolution inkjet printer ECH700
  • Single head-max.12.7mm
  • Multi-lines within printable Area
  • 160m/min(150DPI)
  • Easy installation and simple operation
  • more
Fiber laser printer ECL6100
  • 10W,30W,50W
  • Up to 2000 characters/sec
  • Marking area:70*70mm,110*110mm, 160*160mm, 174*174mm, 205*205mm, 300*300mm; 360*360mm, 400*400mm
  • Linear speed: Depends on the marking area and number of characters, speed up to 600m/min
  • Character height:0.3mm-within marking area

Printing effect