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Technical Training
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EC-JET Service,All for Your Success

EC-JET service including product solutions,product installation,EC-JET training,offering consumables,accessories,after-sales support and other.We will provide you with the most appropriate service and support according to your special requirements.
  • Each industry has different requirements for coding and marking.EC-JET can provide suitable solutions based on customer's conditions.
  • For more high-performance,cost-effective solutions,please contact EC-JET service Hotline:400-9020-866 or contact your dealer.
  • It is recommended that the installation of equipment should be installed only by the trained service engineers who are approved by EC-JET,which can ensure the proper installation and achieve the best printing quality,and also can optimize it according to your requirements.
  • If you have never received technical training from EC-JET,please do not install the equipment by yourself.Please contact the EC-JET Service Hotline at 400-9020-866 or contact your dealer to arrange service engineer to your location to install new
EC-JET Training
  • If you need training from EC-JET,please contact the EC-JET Service Hotline:400-9020-866 or contact your dealer.
Ordering Consumables and Accessories
  • If you need to order consumables or accessories,please contact the EC-JET service Hotline at 400-9020-866 or contact your dealer.
After-sales support
  • EC-JET provides 7/24 (24 hours for 7 days) full service to create the fastest service for customers.If you need help and consultation,please contact the EC-JET Service Hotline: 400-9020-866 or contact your dealer.